One of the great things about antique toy collecting is sharing knowledge, tips and pieces of our collections with other collectors. Thanks to the Internet, it's now easy to socialize with other toy collectors through online communities.

We hope you'll want to become a part of the vintage toy community we'll be building here within the Antique Toy Shoppe! There's never any cost to participate and it's and a fun way to network with other collectors who may have that special piece you've been searching for! It's an exciting time to be able to develop friendships with those who share your common interest around the world right from your computer. And you never just might find some buddies to meet up with at a future toy convention. Any way you slice it, online communities have become places for kindred souls to join in and share their favorite interests. We hope you will join our community today...

Create your own profile, upload photos and/or videos of your collection or favorite pieces, blog about a toy event you attended, or join in the forum to discuss specific categories with the antique toy niche. It's your community...have fun!

(Coming Soon!)